“Malaysia Online Exhibiton Centre” (MOEC) is the first platform in Malaysia that bring onground exhibition to online exhibition. MOEC continues to open 24 hours, without closing time, so that hundreds of millions viewers can visit freely anytime, anywhere. With the help of advanced digital technology, images of products can be clearly displayed at multiple angles, allowing viewers to see some details that are not visible on the scene. Watching the exhibition alone saves the trouble of queuing and crowding, and allows people to shop attentively.

Next, we are also committed to interactive. MOEC wants to promote the idea of live broadcasting so that the audience can participate more. Online exhibitions bring viewers a vivid and interesting experience. In addition, MOEC will provide consumer’s protection for consumers, so that consumers can discover different shopping experiences on a safe and advanced platform.


Modern Living Event Sdn Bhd is an event organizing company that going larger in scale and better platform to provide various choices for our clients and audiences. We held over 50 major events and cooperate with over 1000 brands all around in Malaysia successfully. Modern Living Event Sdn Bhd seen many achievements in pass decade, wonders where we will be in a further 10 years.

With more than 10 years of collective working experience in the events, media and advertising industries, we set to design and organize events for our clients to achieve their targets. We managing memorable events to deliver brand/product information and reach the goal of creating effective product sales. Other than that, assist our client promote their messages effectively. Modern Living Event Sdn Bhd leading event company in organizing quality, unique and cost effective event in Malaysia. Along with constant update of new trend and integrated business solutions, we have been striving hard to provide the best service to our client to meet their satisfaction.

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